Dyeing Natural Fibers with Lobster Mushrooms


Denise Wally and Rebecca Chandler will teach participants how to use lobster mushrooms (plus examples of a few others) to dye wool yarn and silk fabric. We use mordant to make the dyes deeper and colorfast. We will also alter the pH to get a different color palette.

Registration is required for this workshop. This must be a limited class, with a max of 12 people. We will be working with hot liquids and mild chemicals, so any personal protective equipment (PPE) you have would be a bonus. If you wish to dye a small personal item, please bring it, animal fibers will dye the best (wool or silk). A $20 class fee will cover fiber, dye materials, rubber gloves, chemicals, and a fun sticker. Some PPE will be provided, and some will be available to use for the workshop.

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Sun, May 7th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm Central Time


Prairie Pines Nature Preserve, 3000-4498 N 112th St, Lincoln, NE 68527, USA (map)

More about Denise

Denise is a retired forest ecologist and an avid mycophile greatly interested in fungi-tree interactions, known as the Wood Wide Web! In her spare time, she studies ethnobotany/ethnomycology, serves as the Secretary and newsletter editor for NebMyco, cultivates and consumes mushrooms, creates mushroom art, and uses mushrooms, lichens, and plants as natural dyes. She has even built mushrooms from LEGO® bricks, she calls ‘mycobricks’.

Denise Wally

More about Rebecca

Rebecca Chandler is a butterfly conservation specialist for Save Our Monarchs Foundation, certified ethnobotanist through the University of Alaska, organic farmer, Nebraska Master Naturalist, and one of the founding members of Nebraska Mycological Society. For the past 10 years, she has worked in the field of conservation, local food systems, and outdoor education. Rebecca loves foraging for wild mushrooms, experimenting with mycopigments and sharing her passion with others.

Rebecca Chandler