MycoBlitz Foray on Saturday, October 21st at Indian Cave State Park

MycoBlitz Foray on Saturday, October 21st at Indian Cave State Park


Saturday October 21, 9 am to 12 pm Central


NebMyco will have a MycoBlitz foray on Saturday, October 21st at Indian Cave State Park from 9am to 12pm (noon). NAMA's (North American Mycological Association) fall MycoBlitz started October 13 and continues until the 22nd! This foray is an excellent citizen science opportunity!

We will meet at the rest area by the entrance of Indian Cave State Park (ICSP) at 9am. If we change locations, we will post directions to our location at the park. This is also the time of Haunted Hallow at ICSP, so there might be more people than usual, and parking may be more difficult.

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Tentative schedule:

  • Meet at 9am to learn about our target genus Tricoloma
  • Get on the trails by 9:30am
  • Meet at the collections table at 11am, with your specimens
  • Identify and tag species from 11am to 12pm

The NAMA MycoBlitz is focusing on the genus Tricoloma this round, and we have confirmation that that genus has been found at ICSP. At 9am, one of our mycologists will talk about some of the identifying features of Tricoloma. While that is the focus of the MycoBlitz, we are still interested in other species that we find.

This time of year, we probably won’t have to worry too much about insects like ticks and mosquitos, but having some protection is always prudent. Please wear sturdy shoes, as the terrain is quite hilly. We recommend long pants, and layers. Please bring a snack and a water bottle, as there are not any concessions close by. Bring whatever collecting tools you have (mushroom bag, mushroom knife, hard container for small delicate specimens, KOH dropper bottle, etc.)

For folks in Lincoln and Omaha areas, there will be some carpooling available.


Indian Cave State Park

65296 720 Rd, Shubert, NE 68437 (map)