NMS Newsletter - The Spore 🍄

The Spore is our quarterly publication written and edited by our secretary and life-long mycophile Denise Wally. It covers a range of topics within the realm of mycophilia, from cultivation to dying fabrics with fungi. Please enjoy reading about interesting myco-related news, mushroom recipes, mycologist interviews, and much more!


  1. Volume 2.1 (March) featuring the State Mushroom Vote, The Last of Us, and mycologist interviews
  2. Volume 2.2 (June) featuring Experiments with Mushroom Dyes, Mycologist Spotlight, Local Happenings, recipes, Myco-News, and more
  3. Volume 2.3 (October) featuring Huitlacoche, Mycelium Mysteries, Local Happenings, recipes, MycoNews, and more


  1. Volume 1.1 (February) featuring Cultivation Part 1 and Mushroom Dyes
  2. Volume 1.2 (June) featuring Cultivation Part 2 and Ethnomycology
  3. Volume 1.3 (September) featuring Cultivation Part 3 and State Mushrooms
  4. Volume 1.4 (December) featuring the International Fiber and Fungi Symposium and book reviews